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Since opening in September of 2009, Coffeeology has strived to celebrate the culture and experience of coffee, all while brewing stellar drinks and serving great brunch for the UNC-G and greater Greensboro community. We proudly serve specialty coffee and espresso that is roasted by a locally owned and operated roaster, Fortuna Enterprises. Whether it’s the cold brew that we steep for at least 18 hours; our specialty espresso drinks, made with premium roasted beans; or our full food menu, made fresh from local ingredients; we know we’ll be a great addition to your day. At Coffeeology, we hope you’ll learn more with every cup.

The Study

From dancing goats to Turkish coffee houses, the history of coffee is filled with intrigue. We love learning about and teaching all the intricacies and science behind our favorite drink.

Coffeeology: the study, art, and love of coffee
The Art

Pouring a magnificent cup of coffee is something we know all about. Our fresh brews are as beautiful as they are delicious thanks to our talented baristas, and we know you'll enjoy.

The Love

The world of coffee-lovers is vast and full of all kinds of people. We hope to celebrate the love of coffee with our community and provide a space for anyone to feel welcome.

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