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Cappuccino Crunch

Strawberry Sorbet (vegan)

Peach Sorbet (vegan)

Lemon Sorbet (vegan)


Hazelnut (Nocciola)

Vanilla (vegan option available)



Peach Mango

Watermelon Cucumber Mint

Wildberry Hibiscus

Watermelon Kiwi

Dragon Fruit Lychee

Strawberry Acai

Blood Orange Coconut Ginger

What is Lotus Energy?

Lotus is a plant-based energy product that can be used to create delicious, custom energy drinks. Below are this season’s lotus drinks:


Flower Bomb

pink lotus, hibiscus


Minerva Magic

golden lotus, pineapple


Summer Fusion

old-fashioned lemonade lotus, strawberry, hibiscus


Flower Child

blue lotus, elderflower


Almond Paradise

golden lotus, coconut, toasted marshmallow, chocolate sauce, almond milk